Chassis Mount Asphalt Hot Box

Slip-in Hot Box Dumping Asphalt
Falcon Chassis Mount Asphalt Hot Boxes will improve the efficiency and productivity of your work crews by providing them with everything they need to get the job done quickly and correctly.

A chassis mount hot box allows your workers to get in and out of tight city spaces more easily than they would with a tow-behind hot box trailer.

Choose from a wide range of options to fit the needs of your patching operation, such as a dual-burner system to allow asphalt recycling or front and rear hopper extensions for the ultimate flexibility.

Chassis Mount Asphalt Hot Box Features

Falcon Chassis Mount Asphalt Hot Boxes come with a wide range of useful standard features, including:

  • Patented heat management system
  • VIP low-voltage shutdown
  • Large unloading door (improved worker productivity)
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Battery charger package
  • One-piece ceramic combustion chamber
  • 12-volt deep cycle battery
  • Conspicuity tape
  • Fork pockets
  • 92% fuel efficiency (diesel)
We offer several different chassis mount hot box sizes to fit any size truck or capacity needs:
  • 3-ton
  • 4-ton
  • 6-ton
  • 8-ton
  • 10-ton

Benefits of Falcon Chassis Mount Asphalt Hot Boxes

Keep material hot all day and hold it overnight for up to 72 hours with a Falcon Chassis Mount Asphalt Hot Box. Your crews will have all they need to make asphalt repairs while eliminating the need for multiple and costly repeat trips to the asphalt plant. Built with productivity in mind, the chassis mount hot box will give your workers the proper tools they need to perform their work.

How Do Falcon Asphalt Recyclers Work?

The dual burner feature comes standard on all 6-ton, 8-ton, and 10-ton Falcon Chassis Mount Asphalt Hot Boxes. This dual burner system enables your crew to recycle millings, reclaim asphalt, and heat cold patch. There are three easy recycling steps to follow:

  1. Coat the hardened asphalt with a rejuvenator
  2. Start the burners and load the hopper with asphalt chunks and millings
  3. Turn the heat dials to the lowest possible setting and allow it to work overnight


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Falcon Chassis Mount Asphalt Hot Boxes

Provide your workers the flexibility they need to make long-lasting asphalt repairs in tight city spaces with a Falcon Chassis Mount Hot Box. You’ll be able to increase productivity, decrease worker injuries, and save money through fewer trips to the asphalt plant.

Contact us below to discover how a Falcon hot box will add immense value to your asphalt patching operation.

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