Hook Lift Asphalt Hot Box

hook lift asphalt hot box

Falcon Hook Lift Asphalt Hot Boxes provide crews with a highly flexible way of making asphalt repairs. Workers can use it as their one-stop shop by equipping everything they need to patch potholes.

Since the hook lift box sits on the back of the truck, it’s far easier to maneuver into and around tight city streets versus using a tow-behind trailer.

Another big advantage is that a hook lift allows the operator to multipurpose his truck by putting on a multitude of bodies. This makes it a swiss army knife and a much more efficient way to operate.


For example, let’s say that they need to salt the roads. The crew would first unhook the patcher and then hook up the salt spreader. A hook lift allows a single truck to accomplish the same job as two or more dedicated ones—thereby saving time and money.

As with all Falcon models, you can choose from a wide range of options.

Hook Lift Asphalt Hot Box Features

The patented heat management system, VIP low-voltage shutdown, and large unloading door help to improve worker efficiencies while reducing the need for unnecessary trips to the asphalt plant. Falcon Hook Lift Hot Boxes come with many useful standard features, including:

  • Automatic temperature control
  • VIP technology
  • Battery charger package
  • One-piece ceramic combustion chamber
  • 92% fuel efficiency (diesel)
  • 12-volt deep cycle battery
  • Conspicuity tape
  • 12v deep cycle battery
  • Fork pockets

No matter the size of your truck or capacity needs, we offer several different hook lift hot box sizes:

  • 3-ton
  • 4-ton
  • 5-ton
  • 6-ton
  • 8-ton
  • 10-ton

How Do Falcon Asphalt Recyclers Work?

The dual-burner feature on all 6-ton and up Falcon Hook Lift Hot Boxes will allow your work crews to heat cold patch, reclaim asphalt, and recycle millings. The process has three easy steps:

  1. Using a rejuvenator, coat the hardened asphalt
  2. Start the burners and load the hopper with asphalt chunks and millings
  3. Use the lowest possible heat setting and let it work overnight

Hook Lift Asphalt Hot Box Image Gallery

Falcon Hook Lift Asphalt Hot Boxes

Give your work crews the flexibility they need to make asphalt repairs in and around the city with a Falcon Hook Lift Hot Box. The optional dual-burner system helps save time and money by allowing workers to recycle used asphalt chunks while reducing trips to the asphalt plant.

Contact us below to speak with one of our experts to learn how a Falcon Hook Lift Box will add value to your asphalt patching operations.