Sourcewell (formerly known as NJPA)

Sourcewell (formerly known as NJPA) Cooperative Contract Vendor

Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment is proud to be a vendor on the Sourcewell contract. Products under the contract include the Falcon 2,3,4,6 Ton Hot Box Trailers as well as 2-10 Ton Slip in units.


Sourcewell’s cooperative contract purchasing leverages the national purchasing power of more than 50,000 member agencies while also streamlining the required purchasing process. As a municipal national contracting agency, Sourcewell establishes and provides nationally leveraged and competitively solicited purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law. Joint Powers laws enable members to legally purchase through our awarded contracts.

Sourcewell offers their Members contract purchasing solutions that are leveraged nationally to enable contracted suppliers and member agencies to work smarter and more efficient as they do business with each other. Sourcewell (formerly known as NJPA) does this by establishing a business and service alliance between member buyers and contracted suppliers ensuring a valued and successful national cooperative contract program.

Use the following link to learn more about the Sourcewell cooperative contract and how you can become a member.