Road maintenance teams know all too well that laying hot mix asphalt can be a challenging task. Traditional methods often fall short and they only have a few hours (or less) before the material starts becoming unworkable.

A hot box is an invaluable tool that streamlines the asphalt patching process. It offers a practical solution to common problems and ensures workers have everything they need to perform lasting repairs.

Read on to learn more about hot boxes and how they can transform your pothole patching operations. 

The Drawbacks of Using Dump Trucks

Dump trucks have traditionally been the primary mode of transporting asphalt to the job site. However, they come with several disadvantages that result in wasted time, materials, and money.

Asphalt has a specific temperature range where it’s most workable. It becomes stiff and difficult to use when it cools below this threshold. Crews must dump the hardened asphalt at the end of the workday or pay the plant to return it.

Additionally, the height of the truck bed can make it difficult and inefficient for workers to shovel out the material manually. This strenuous process can slow down repairs and lead to worker fatigue or injuries.

Dump trucks also have a challenging time navigating tight city streets. Traffic congestion, property damage, and delays are common occurrences. These challenges underscore the need for a more effective solution in asphalt transportation.

Advantages of Using a Hot Box 

Hot boxes revolutionize road work by keeping asphalt at the perfect temperature for up to 72 hours. No more rushing against the clock or dumping unused material. The insulated container and innovative internal heating system ensure the asphalt remains usable throughout the workday.

This means crews can work efficiently and reduce waste while improving the quality of repairs. Hot boxes are also eco-friendly because they minimize waste and reduce the need for new materials.

Hot boxes are a smart investment for any road maintenance team. They simplify work processes and produce better results. This leads to cost savings and increased efficiency while reducing the environmental impact of road repair. 

Falcon Hot Box Benefits

At Falcon, we designed our hot boxes to overcome the challenges of using a dump truck to perform pothole maintenance. They provide a reliable and efficient way to lay hot mix asphalt at the correct temperature to ensure a long-lasting repair.

We manufacture trailer-mounted, Asphalt Patch Trucks and truck-mounted models to fit existing trucks already in your fleet. We also offer customization to meet your specific road maintenance needs with a full line of optional equipment. 

Falcon hot boxes excel in efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. They come standard with Falcon’s patented heat management system, which includes our one-piece ceramic combustion chamber that achieves an impressive 92% fuel efficiency rating. When considering a Hot Box the ability to create and maintain heat is the most important function and no one does it better than our asphalt hot box. 

We design our machines to keep your road crews safe when patching on busy streets and highways. All frequently used equipment such as the unloading door handle, digital controller, hooper access step, and optional equipment like tool holders or tack tanks, are mounted on the curbside of the machine. We believe it is our responsibility to design machines that are simple to use and safe to operate. 

You can add an optional second burner to turn the hot box into an asphalt recycler. This allows your maintenance crew to recycle millings, reclaim asphalt, and heat cold patch. Having the ability to recycle makes it an environmentally friendly way to save money and reduce waste. 

The dual burner feature comes standard on all 6-ton, 8-ton, and 10-ton asphalt hot boxes. We offer a wide range of add-on accessories that provide your crews with the tools and equipment they need to get the job done right.

Recycling Used Asphalt is Easy!

Hot boxes with a dual burner system offer a sustainable and cost-effective way to repurpose old asphalt. These machines can easily turn chunks and millings back into usable patching material. Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Coat the hardened asphalt with a rejuvenator. This helps protect the asphalt’s original oils, which are essential for restoring its workability.

Step 2: Load the machine’s hopper with the asphalt chunks or millings. Coat the material in the hopper with more rejuvenator fluid. 

Step 3: Set the temperature controls to the correct temperature and let the machine work its magic overnight. This gentle heating process breaks down the asphalt without burning off its essential oils.

The innovative two-burner system and cross ducts distribute heat evenly throughout the hopper. High-density insulation keeps the heat consistent, gently warming the asphalt and protecting its essential oils. Other recyclers use high heat and open flames, which can burn off these oils and make the asphalt unusable.

Falcon Hot Box vs. a Dump Truck

In early November, we conducted a field test outside our Michigan production plant. Our team filled a dump truck and Falcon hot box with hot mix asphalt and drove them back to our facility. 

We took an initial temperature reading 30 minutes later and found that the asphalt in the dump truck had cooled by over 100 degrees and started to harden. However, the asphalt material in the Falcon hot box was still in the ideal temperature range—despite the burners being turned off the entire time.  The asphalt in the dump truck continued to cool rapidly and became unworkable within a few hours. 

Check out the video below to see the incredible result of this test.

Experience the Falcon Hot Box Difference

Every county/state agency and municipality that performs road repairs can benefit from using a Falcon Hot Box. No matter the size of your operation, Falcon has a machine size and configuration to fit your needs. 

Experience the difference they can make in your efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall results. Click below to explore our hot boxes and discover the value they’ll bring to your maintenance operations.

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