Asphalt Hot Boxes

Falcon Asphalt manufactures and carries a wide range of durable asphalt equipment that will help improve efficiency, keep material at an optimum temperature, and save you money. 

Whether you need a truck-mounted option or are looking for a trailer, we have the equipment you need to get the job done right. Our patented heat management system will transport and our two burner systems recycle asphalt while our VIP Technology helps prevent burner damage from low battery voltage.

Need equipment fast? We’ve got you covered with our Falcon NOW quick ship service. Choose from five standard sizes and a long list of options to get what you need when you need it.

Dump Box


Falcon’s most popular asphalt recycler & hot box dumps asphalt with the push of a button. By lifting the hopper, the dump box makes offloading asphalt easy. 

To ensure stability when raising the hopper, each dump box is built on a tandem axle trailer frame that cradles a lowered hopper using body guides to keep it centered.  Like all Falcon models, a full line of options is available at the time of purchase or aftermarket.

We construct our dump box trailers with two hydraulic cylinders that raise the hopper and prevent twisting from an uneven load.  With this design, each cylinder acts as a safety backup for the other.

 The dump box is available in capacities of 2, 3, 4, or 6 tons.

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Built with a stationary hopper, the Falcon trailer asphalt recycler & hot box is available in 2, 3, 4, or 6-ton capacity. When built with a single burner, the trailer is a cost-effective way to transport asphalt and keep it hot all day, hold hot mix overnight, and heat or re-heat cold patch.

When built with two burners, our trailers can recycle leftover asphalt, chunks, and millings when built with two burners. Like all Falcon models, a full line of options is available at the time of purchase or aftermarket.

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Truck Mount


Built to be slid into the bed of a truck, the Falcon Truck-Mount asphalt recycler & hot box is available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10-ton capacity. The truck-mount can be configured with a self-dumping capability or a customized sub-frame for chassis-mount, hook-lift, or roll-off systems.

Like all Falcon models, a full line of options is available at the time of purchase or aftermarket.

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Since a Falcon is engineered to have even hopper temperatures, every model is built standard with an air-jacketed hopper.  Falcon also builds an oil-jacketed model for those that prefer to heat asphalt via heat transfer oil instead of air.  The oil-jacketed hopper is quadruple wall construction with with seal welded inner walls.  Since heat transfer oil expands when heated, there is an oil expansion tank above the hopper.  With a 24-hour timer option, the hopper oil can be preheated to hold hot mix or warm cold patch prior to the work shift.

Like all Falcon models, a full line of options is available at the time of purchase or aftermarket.

Note: An air-jacketed unit is recommended for an asphalt recycling program.

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Which Asphalt Equipment is Right for You?

At Falcon Asphalt, we’re committed to continually improving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with asphalt pavers. We have a strong reputation for building durable, high-quality equipment backed by exceptional customer service. Click below to learn more.

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